Sultan s Diet: 10 Delicious Ottoman Dishes.

If you are interested to know about the cuisine of the Ottoman and the names of the Turkish Dishes prepared in the palaces of the Sultans, then this blog post is a read must. Istanbul is also the most famous city for Turkish cuisine. There you can go to Istanbul Grill Restaurant and enjoy Turkish food, hope you will not be disappointed. Ottoman food is not only eaten in Turkey but in many other Islamic and non-Islamic countries, including Arab, Balkan, Central Asia.

Rodsan says that Ottoman food is a collection from Byzantine Empire Europe, Anatolia state.
Some new ingredients have become part of Turkish mines during the Ottoman trade, including rice, oil, and corn. If you go to Turkey, don’t forget to eat the famous dishes, which are listed below.

1. Mutancana:

A favorite and wonderful dish of Fatah Sultan Mehmet prepared from lamb meat served with saffron, this dish is a legacy of the Turks. If we talk about the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, this dish is very delicious after adding butter, saffron, almonds, and honey. To cook it, lamb meat is fried in butter. And finally, the use of sumac and honey gives the taste of four moons. Its taste is sweet and sour. It is your choice to decorate before serving.

2. Düğün Çorbası:

Dugun corbasi soup prepared by boiling the lamb meat for hours will be enough to warm you up in winter. During the Ottoman period, you can see this big pot in almost every palace of the Turks in which this soup is prepared. When meat is well rotting, after it the vegetables (cabbage, carrot, onion, egg yolk, etc.) are decorated by adding. It will not be wrong to use a pressure cooker to prepare it. In the end, lemon juice will be enough to double the taste.

3. Mıhlama:

Made with orange cheese or Trabzon cheese, butter, and flour, mihlama is a delicious Ottoman dish. A famous place to eat this cheese in Turkey is Bahria Asud. To make it, the cheese is first melted on a hot pot, then corn flour and butter are added to it so that it thickens. It is natural for the mouth to water afterward.

4. Piliç Topkapı:

If you go to the ottoman feast, don’t forget to try stuffed chicken or chicken stuffed with rice. It’s very strange who stuffs the rice into chicken? The sweet rice filling in the chicken is nothing less than magic. And that’s not the only thing, the use of some spices also provides such a heaven fragrance.

5. Hünkar Beğendi:

The favorite food of sultans. Have you ever eaten lamb cooked in tomato sauce? If not, get ready. After cooking, the lamb is served on fried eggplant. Which makes a delicious dish. Some people dislike eggplant, but after trying it, you will fall in love with eggplant. This dish is also known as Napoleon’s favorite food.

6. Piruhi:

This dish prepared with the help of walnut, thin flour cheese, and onions is fantastic. If you are feeling a little strange about making it, you can use tomato sauce. This dish is mentioned in the book on food written by Prime Minister Kamil Pasha.

7. Keşkek:

In 2011, UNESCO added this dish to the cultural heritage of Turkey. Wheat flour, tomatoes, and oil are used to prepare this delicious dish. It is a special dish made in winter. One plate of it is enough to fill your stomach and you won’t need to refill.

8. Demirhindi Şerbeti:

Along with Ottoman food, Ottoman drinks are also your example. Demirhindi Şerbeti is the most famous sweet drink not only in Turkey but also in Italy and France. This drink is prepared with special examples, which is why it was also named sorbetto. Some of the beneficial ingredients used in it include fennel, cloves, and cinnamon which strengthens digestion.

9. Patlıcanlı Pilav:

How is it possible to hear the name of rice and not have mouth-watering? Everyone’s favorite, especially Cinderella’s favorite rice, has different ways to cook it. Sometimes this rice is seen in the form of Biryani, and in other places, it is called Afghani Pulau. Similarly, this delicious dish Patlıcanlı Pilav prepared from rice in Turkey is your example. Curd, spices, and eggplant are used to prepare it. It is one of the most famous cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, which required a lot of work to create.

10. Vezir Parmağı:

There is a story behind every dish, this dish is prepared here for the first time. A king and a minister go hunting in jungle. There, the king’s finger is accidentally cut off by the minister. The king got angry and sent the minister to jail. But the minister said that there is improvement in every work. The king got even angrier. Similarly, the second time the king went hunting, the boys, who like to eat healthy people, ate everyone except the king, because the king’s finger was cut off, so he remained safe. At that time the king remembered the minister’s words and he set him free. The purpose of telling this story was that the Ottoman dish which is going to be mentioned is exactly finger-shaped. It is cooked very beautifully. And yes, there is some story behind the very delicious food.







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