Top 12 Baklava Types in Turkey

It would not be wrong to say that baklava is an Ottoman legacy.

Since the fifteenth century, it was no less than an honor for the Topkapi sarayi palace chefs to prepare this sweet dish. Turkey’s famous state Anatolia city Gaziantep (its old name Antep) is also known as the capital of Turkey is famous for baklava production. There you will easily find up to 500 bakeries and baklava shops. In Turks, delicious Baklava is prepared for Eid al-Fitr. Especially after the sighting of the Eid moon, this delicious sweet is distributed among relatives. Baklava began to be eaten in the Middle East, but today there are thousands of types of baklava all over the world. Baklava is prepared by kneading flour and dipping it in honey, milk, or syrup. The taste of baklava varies from city to city. Because some are prepared by soaking in honey and some in milk. When preparing baklava, butter and lemon juice are added to it so that it does not turn into crystal form. By the way, there are over five hundred types of baklava, but this blog post provides you guidance about 12 of the most popular Turkish cuisine baklava types.

Is Baklava originally Greek or Turkish?

Baklava is originally from Greece and the Middle East, but in the 16th century, the Hungary townspeople incorporated it into their culture.


What is the difference between Greek Baklava and Lebanese baklava?

The syrup used in Greek baklava is honey, which contains some walnuts and pistachios etc. It is also high in sweetness. In addition, Lebanese baklava with an orange or rose flower aroma is prepared using syrup.


Why does Baklava have 33 Layers?

Baklava is made with 33 layers, counting the years of Jasso’s life.


What is traditional Baklava made of?

Baklava is prepared by kneading flour and dipping it in honey, milk, or syrup.


1. Şöbiyet (Cream Baklava, Shaabiyat or Warbat):

This baklava is prepared with cream. It is very useful for those who are strongly against sweets because it uses fresh cream between the layers, which doubles the taste of the baklava because the cream is made from milk. Since it only lives for one day, you must eat it during this time or it will spoil. In some places, it is filled with Custer instead of cream.


2. Havuç Dilim Baklava:

This is the most famous Baklava of Turkey, it is prepared on a big plate, its layers are put together in a basket, and pistachios, almonds, and walnuts are placed on top and cut into the shape of carrots. Turkey’s famous ice cream (Dondurma) can be filled in it and it becomes like a delicious sandwich.


3. Palace Baklava:

Made with flour, butter, sugar, and walnuts, Sarag Burmasi baklava (palace Baklava) has been a favorite dessert of sultans since the Ottoman Empire. It is a popular and flavorful Turkish dessert.


4. Pistachio Baklava:

Made for mung phalli lovers, this baklava is a very delicious sweet dish, and the addition of walnuts and Pistachio enhances its taste. Therefore it is known as Pistachio baklava.


5. Leaf Şöbiyet

To prepare this baklava, pistachios are cut and wrapped in a filo bread layer of dough. And then with the help of kamak or any other cream, the layers are filled, this baklava is very delicious.


6. Antep Pistachio Midye Baklava:

In this type of baklava, the constant use of mussles with walnuts and almonds gives its shape a four-moon shape. The use of butter further increases the appetite.


7. Homemade Baklava:

To prepare the baklava, the sheet of flour has to be broken a lot so that it becomes thin. But it is very difficult to break this much at home, so the maximum number of baklava prepared at home is fixed at fifteen to twenty. You can cut the baklava prepared at home in any shape. Turkish people prepare very delicious baklava with the help of semolina, which is called homemade baklava.


8. Vişneli baklava:

Among the most popular dishes in Turkey, sour cherry baklava is also eaten a lot. Its taste is similar to lemon, so it is called sour cherry. It is also used by Turkish people with a dollop of kaymak. The ingredients required to prepare it include sesame oil, flour, vinegar, and lemon juice.


9. Dry Baklava (Kuru Baklava):

By the way, all types of baklava do not spoil quickly, but the specialty of dry baklava is that you can store it for at least thirty days. Dry baklava is cooked in the sugar syrup so you can enjoy it for days. This dish is a great choice for serving guests. Istanbul Grill Halal Restaurant is famous all over Istanbul for its baklavas. It is also known as kuru baklava.


10. Sütlü nuriye:

This dessert was prepared in the name of a Turkish woman ( nuriye) in the nineteen eighties who was later named Satlu Nuriye. It is prepared by soaking in milky syrup, so it is also called satlu meaning milk. Being more expensive, Turks have started using hazelnuts instead of pistachios in this classic baklava.


11. Gaziantep baklavası:

Baklava, Turkey’s most popular pastry baklava (Gaziantep baklavas), is made from almonds walnuts, and crushed pistachios. This type of baklava has been enjoyed almost since the Ottoman Empire. According to Turkish ustaları or master bakers, it is considered the softest baklava. It has a creamy texture when it is eaten made a cracking-like sound that doubles the taste.


12. Chocolate Baklava

If you are fond of eating a lot of sweets, then chocolate baklava will be the best choice for you. This is a newly discovered type of baklava in Turkey, so very few people have eaten it yet. Chocolate baklava is mostly preferred in recreational areas. This delicious baklava is becoming a local favorite.








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