Alphonse de Lamartine says that, if life gives you an opportunity to travel the world, you should choose Istanbul. If we say that the street food of Istanbul is famous all over the world, then it will not be wrong. It is available in the streets and shops of the city of Istanbul to restaurants. The question is why eat street food? The answer is that if you have less money, and you can’t eat in a restaurant, then street food is the best option. The best thing is that street food is easily available to you 24 hours a week, at any time. If you’ve been to Istanbul and picking to eat and face some trouble, here we have mentioned 15 very tasty and delicious Street food, some of which you will have to try in Istanbul!

Is it safe to eat street food in Istanbul?

There is absolutely no need to panic when eating street food in Istanbul because the municipality has given certificates to the vendors. However, while eating, you should observe the cleanliness of the stall and eat things so that your health is not affected.
Street Food Prices in Istanbul:

The price of street food in Istanbul varies depending on the place and region, where and how much food you order. A low-income person can also buy and eat. Street food in Istanbul costs between one and three dollars

Islak Hamburger (Wet Burger):

This is the most famous street food in the city of Taksim in Istanbul. They are very tasty and cost about one dollar. It is eaten at any time of the day, especially at night when the crowd increases. On Saturday, you have to stand in queues to buy a burger. Tomatoes and garlic are used to prepare it. Because it is prepared by boiling, it is called wet burger.


If you go to Istanbul and don’t eat Kokorec, it’s a deprivation. It is the most famous street food. It is prepared from sheep’s intestines. It is served mixed with red chilies and tomatoes and wrapped in bread. Furthermore, it is an excellent dish for food lovers. Not only that, but it is a favorite dish of the local people. The best time to eat it is at night.


Simit, also called bagel in Turkish, is a ring-shaped bread available in smart Istanbul markets and bakeries. It is mostly consumed with tea in the morning. Its beauty attracts lovers.

Çiğ Köfte:

Kofte is famous street food in Istanbul made from lamb meat. It is made from lamb meat, tomato, chili, and other hot spices. These kofte used to be quite expensive due to the use of meat, nowadays in Istanbul, they are prepared without meat and finally eaten with lemon juice and wrapped in bread, which becomes a very tasty dish.

Balık Ekmek (Fish Sandwich):

Balik Ekmek or fish sandwiches are famous street food in Istanbul, you can find stalls, especially along the beach, and their taste so delicious that you can’t leave without eating them. . It is a traditional food of Istanbul. It is prepared by frying in oil with sweet pomegranate sauce and hot red pepper and many other vegetables. This delicious sandwich costs about two to three dollars.

List of famous fish restaurants in Istanbul:

  • Balıkçı Kahraman
  • Kıyı Restaurant
    • Tarihi Ali Baba
    • Del Mare Restaurant Istanbul
    • Agora 1890
    • Cibalikapı Balıkçısı Haliç
    • Adem Baba Restaurant
    • Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı
    • Eleos Restaurant
    • Balıkçı Sabahattin
    • Istanbul Grill orlando

Meat or chicken doner kebab rolls:

If we talk about the most famous street food in Istanbul, then the name of doner kebab is on the top list. These kebab stalls are also seen on the roadside and can be enjoyed in restaurants. It is make with salad, vegetables and onions, served in a bread roll, which makes a very tasty meal.


Kumpir is a favorite food of young people especially students in Istanbul, it is also called Baked potato because it uses potatoes. Kumpir is eaten the most in ORTAKOY. It costs about four dollars and the ingredients needed to prepare it include chicken, sage peas, corn, olive oil, butter, mayonnaise and cheese.

Midye Dolma (Stuffed Mussels):

Dolma are one of the most common street foods in Istanbul. There are Dolma stalls of different flavors everywhere in istanbul restaurants and even in the streets. It costs about half a dollar. To fill them, they are served with rice, pine nuts, all spices, and cinnamon and finally sprinkled with lemon juice, which doubles its taste.
If you visit Istanbul, don’t forget to try them, especially at breakfast time.

Kestane Kebap:

These are the only kebabs in Istanbul that use corn instead of meat. This is popular street food. You can find stalls everywhere in any season, especially in winter. It is a traditional food that Turks used to roast in ovens. It will not be wrong to say that this food is coming from the Ottoman Empire. Their shape is similar to Kestane kebabs, so they have been given this name. This simple, cheap, and delicious dish is a must-eat in Istanbul.

Nohutlu Pilav (Chickpeas and pilaf):

pilaf is the famous street food of Istanbul, adding color to the food of Istanbul. The famous restaurant of Istanbul unkapanı pilavcısı is also famous because of its pilaf. It is more fun to eat by walking in the street than in restaurants. It is very delicious in taste.

Midye Tava (Fried Mussels):

Midye Tava is a famous street food sold in street vendors and restaurants in Istanbul. It is mostly eaten in coastal areas, ORTAKOY AND KUMKAPI are included in these areas. To prepare it, you need olive oil, lemon juice, chutney, salt, and other hot spices. If your appetite is high, you can try it with bread.

Koçan Mısır & Közde Mısır:

Don’t forget to try the taste of Istanbul corn! If we talk about the price of grilled or boiled corn, it is the cheapest street food. The flavor doubles in summer and spring in Istanbul. It is served hot so be careful when eating it.

Halka Tatlısı (Ring-Shaped Dessert):

It is a favorite food of Istanbul people. The best place to buy it is Eminonu istanbul. It costs about $2. It is used more when there is a death or birth among Turks. However, it is cheap and delicious street food.


It is a flatbread made with ingredients such as meat, vegetables, tomatoes, red peppers, and spices. In Armenia, it is known as Lahmun, and in Turkey, it is known as Lahmacun and Sfiha Armanniye in Lebanon. It is one of the most famous dishes in Istanbul.

kahvesi (Turkish coffee):

Turkish coffee has been a favorite of Turk’s since the Ottoman Empire, especially traders. The dark brown coffee is brewed using ground coffee beans and served in a cup of copper cezve. Is good enough to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day. The foam that comes up by boiling increases one’s appetite. You can use sugar as much as you like.



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